What‘s New

  • 10/10/2023
    MAX 2023

    Lens Blur

    Lens Blur

    Using AI, Lightroom can determine the depth in any image allowing you to interactively add optical blur to parts of your image. You can also customize the depth of field, focal range, and bokeh to achieve creative effects.

    Point Color

    Point Color

    Adjust individual colors with professional-grade precision, including the ability to control the color input (i.e. affected colors) and output across hue, saturation, and luminance.

    HDR Display

    Display photos in High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Lightroom Web in Chrome if your display has HDR support. Experience increased depth and realism with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, improved tonal separation, and more vivid colors.


    • Add and subtract from masks: Add or remove areas of the selection using the available masking tools.
    • Invert a mask: Select all areas of the photo that were previously not selected.
  • 9/6/2023


    Healing is now available in Lightroom on the web! Use Heal, Clone and Content-Aware Remove (Early Access) to remove imperfections in your photos.

    Content-Aware Remove – Early Access

    Be the first to try Lightroom’s new and improved Content-Aware Remove tool, now available as an early access feature in Lightroom on the web. Remove distractions and imperfections from your photos with significantly improved results thanks to advancements in AI/ML, and then provide feedback on your experience.

  • 8/25/2023
    Masking Improvements

    Luminance Range

    Masking in Lightroom on the web keeps getting better, with the following enhancements:

    Color Range 

    Use this tool to select a specific color. All areas in the photo with that specific color will be selected. The Refine slider helps you make an accurate color selection.

    Luminance Range 

    Select a point or area in the photo using the tool. All areas with the selected range of brightness will become a selection. This way, you can make precise adjustments to just those levels of brightness in a photo. The Select Luminance slider and Show Luminance map option help you decide the exact level of brightness you want to select.

    Editing a mask

    The Saturation control and Grain control are now available in Masking.

    • Grain slider: Use this tool to balance the look of grain across the masked area.
    • Saturation slider: Use this tool to adjust saturation of all colors equally in the masked area.
    • Hue slider: Use this tool to adjust the hue in the masked area.
  • 6/29/2023
    Gradient Masking and Photo Versions

    • Versions of your photo edits are accessible in the single-image-view sidebar.
    • While editing a photo, Linear and Radial Gradients can be added.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 4/17/2023
    Adaptive Presets and Masking

    • New Adaptive Presets for Sky, Subject, and Portrait have been added under the Premium tab in Presets.
    • Editing masks has been added to Lightroom Web.
    • Video editing now supports B&W mode.
    • Links for support and Lightroom app downloads have been added to the navigation bar.
    • New Black & White Photography articles have been added to Lightroom Academy.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 2/28/2023
    New Technology Preview: Clean Up

    • Try our new ”Clean Up” Technology Preview, which identifies photos you may want to remove. Switch it on using the account menu.
    • Check out the new Lightroom in Black & White articles in Lightroom Academy.
    • Video editing now supports Profiles as well as Premium and custom presets.
    • Presets have been moved to the sidebar in single image view for easier access.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
  • 10/18/2022
    MAX 2022

    • Videos can now be edited on the web.
    • You can now adjust the intensity of presets applied to your photos.
    • A new series of articles on Night Photography has been added to Lightroom Academy.
    • Lightroom Academy page navigation has been greatly improved.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 6/13/2022
    Edit Remixing and Discover Search

    • Remix allow you to try alternative edits in photos shared in the Discover community.
    • Search is now supported in the Discover and Tutorial sections.
    • Video enhancements to support the new Lightroom video features.
    • Discover playback changes and performance improvements.
    • Adjustments to the Loupe UI.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 2/7/2022
    Academy Articles and Recommended Presets

    • Added new Lightroom Academy articles on food photography.
    • Recommended presets are now organized by style and you can show similar presets.
    • Premium presets have been split into a new panel.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
  • 10/26/2021
    MAX 2021

    • Lightroom Academy is a fresh approach to learning essential photographic concepts.
    • Best Photos now detects blurry photos to improve results.
    • Added the ability to create and delete user presets in the photo editor.
    • Recommended Presets will suggest presets from Lightroom Discover edits based on your photo.
    • We’ve added 8 additional premium preset packs.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 6/7/2021
    2021.06.07 - Collaborative Editing and Lots of UI Updates

    • Share invitees can now be given access to edit your photos, and you will get notifications when edits are made.
    • Subscribers now have access to additional editor presets.
    • Updated sidebar to better match Lightroom Desktop.
    • Added a grid view for managing folders.
    • Added a size slider to grid views.
    • Added ability to block users in the Discover and Learn feeds.
    • Added point curve to the web editor, and ”Color” mode in Color Mixer.
    • When cropping a photo, press ’o’ to change the crop overlay. Use ’?’ to see shortcuts.
    • Some Tutorials can now be played on web.
    • Improved drag & drop performance.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
  • 3/15/2021
    Editor and Discover Improvements

    • Editor performance is improved when running in Chrome.
    • Added Color dropdown option to the Color Mixer panel.
    • New keyboard shortcuts in Discover. Use ’?’ to see shortcuts.
    • Moved crop to be the first step in Discover.
    • Notifications for likes and comments are now aggregated together by photo. Also, you will now receive notifications when someone follows you.
    • Reduced cropping on images in grid views.
    • Fixed a bug where some interactions between Lightroom Classic and web could result in unexpected changes to photo order.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
  • 10/20/2020
    MAX 2020

    • Edit Versions: the editor will automatically save versions of your edits and you can save your edits as named versions.
    • Updated the editor interface to better match other Lightroom clients.
    • Added Discover and Learn ”For You” feeds containing personalized content.
    • Recently viewed Tutorials are visible in the ”Recently Viewed” tab.
    • Edits posted by authors you follow in Discover can be viewed in the ”Following” tab.
    • Best photos results have been improved and the interface has been updated.
    • You will now receive notifications when a contributor adds to your shared album and when your Shared Edits are liked or featured. Notifications can be found under the bell icon.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 6/15/2020
    Share Your Edits and Follow Authors

    • Click the share button in single image view to share your edits to the Lightroom Discover section.
    • Follow your favorite photographers to see new edits as they share them.
    • Notifications for likes and comments in your shares can be found under the bell icon.
    • Single image view has been reworked to better match Lightroom desktop. Buttons for edit and crop have been moved to the right sidebar.
    • Changed keyboard shortcuts for edit and crop to match desktop. Use ’?’ to see keyboard shortcuts.
    • Find more information on Lightroom app updates on the blog.
  • 2/28/2020
    Share Contributor and Usability Updates

    • We now allow contributors to remove their personal data, such as location and keywords, from uploads to shared albums.
    • IE11 is no longer supported (even in shares).
    • You can now invite multiple users to a share with a comma separated list.
    • We added a select-all shortcut (cmd/ctrl+A)!
  • 12/9/2019
    Sharing and Upload Improvements

    • New ”Shared With You” view lets you see shares you’re a member of.
    • You can contribute photos in the ”Shared With You” view if you have contributor access.
    • Reworked the upload dialog to make upload options more clear.
  • 11/4/2019
    MAX 2019

    • Redesigned the landing page. It’s real pretty now.
    • Dashboard has been replaced with Home view.
    • Discover Posts and Tutorials are now browsable on Lightroom web in the Home view.
    • Lightroom Menu options have been consolidated under the Avatar menu.
    • Shared albums have a better interface for viewing users who have access.
    • Reworked the Add To and Add Photos dialogs to make organization easier.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom CC app updates on the blog.
  • 8/12/2019
    Square Grids and Share Updates

    • Photos grids now have a square grid view with rating and flagging controls.
    • Share contributors can set their avatar after uploading.
    • Album share filtering by flags and ratings is being deprecated.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom CC app updates on the blog.
  • 5/13/2019
    New Collaborative Sharing Options

    • Share your albums on the web with anyone or invite specific people to view and add photos to them.
    • New default: Access to shared albums is now private and invite-only. Viewers can request access or be invited by email.
    • Share viewers can upload to your album if you give them Contributor access.
    • Albums that have been shared with you have a sidebar for navigation.
    • Rearranged Album interface for ease-of-use and consistency.
    • Deleted photos are kept for 60 days and can be restored or permanently deleted from the Deleted view on Lightroom Web.
    • Find more information about Lightroom updates on the blog.
  • 1/25/2019
    Display View Reordering

    • Added a control to reorder photos in the Album Display View.
    • Colors used throughout the site have been updated.
    • Shares set to a white theme will be white in all views.
    • The site is available in more languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, and Turkish.
  • 12/12/2018
    Collaborative Proofing Technology Preview

    • A new Collaborative Proofing Technology Preview is available that allows you to share an album for photo selection and reviewing.
    • New keyboard shortcut: press ’o’ to show overlays in the grid. Use ’?’ to see shortcuts.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Additional controls on shares and improved access to settings in Lightroom CC on mobile and desktop.
  • 10/15/2018
    MAX 2018

    • Simplified flag-filtering and added rating filtering for shares.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Find more information on Lightroom CC app updates on the blog.
  • 9/27/2018
    Album Display Updates

    • Added a Display mode to albums where you can configure layout and add text.
    • Updated the layout for newly created shares and started updates to existing shares.
    • Shares created via ad hoc selections can now be shown as an album in My Photos.
    • Made improvements to the Connections interface for sending photos to Portfolio.
  • 8/17/2018
    New Album Layout

    • Streamlined Album interface to make sharing easier.
    • Support for additional languages. British English, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Ukranian, and Hungarian.
  • 8/3/2018
    Best Photos Technology Preview Update

    • The Best Photos Technology Preview has been updated!
      • The new control panel allows finer control over results.
      • Additional actions have been added to the footer.
      • Enabled editing of images from Best Photos.
      • General UI tune-up.
    • The new Sync Issues view allows you to troubleshoot photo syncing problems.
    • A keyword panel has been added to single-image view for editing photo keywords.
  • 6/18/2018
    Synced Presets and HEIC Support

    • Lightroom CC synced presets and profiles can be used on web.
    • HEIC files can be uploaded and edited.
    • Added support for new cameras and lenses.
    • Single photo downloads in shares are more responsive.
    • Photos can be edited within the Best Photos workflow.
    • Updated map styling in photo info panel.
    • Simplified the feedback dialog. We love hearing from you!
  • 4/3/2018
    New Profiles and More

    • New Profiles and Presets. Read more about them on the blog.
    • Support for new cameras and lenses found in Adobe Camera Raw 10.3.
    • Author field can now be set for shared albums.
    • Viewers can download entire albums as ZIPs in your Gallery if download is enabled.
  • 2/27/2018
    Enhancements to Gallery and Uploads

    • You can change your avatar and add a description to your Gallery.
    • Uploads can be paused and we’ve added a notification when uploads complete.
    • Improved responsiveness of the All Photos grid, especially if you have a large number of photos.
    • The histogram style has been updated and more closely matches other Lightroom CC apps.
    • Editing in Chrome, Safari, and Edge now requires WebAssembly support.
  • 1/8/2018
    Happy 2018

    • Searching and filtering with an album selected will now limit results to that album.
    • Shares now choose a smarter default cover photo.
  • 12/12/2017
    Adobe Sensei powered Auto Settings

    • The new Auto Settings uses an advanced neural network to analyze and compare your photo with tens of thousands of professionally edited photos to create a more beautiful image.
    • New cameras and lenses are now supported.
    • Performance and results of the Best Photos Technology Preview has been improved.
  • 10/18/2017
    Lightroom CC Update and Best Photos Technology Preview

    • A new Technology Preview is available to assist with selection of your best photos using Adobe Sensei technology. Try Best Photos and give us feedback!
    • Search has graduated from Technology Preview and is now available to everyone.
    • The new Gallery feature allows you to easily share multiple albums in one place.
    • Folders can now be used to organize your albums.
    • Storage usage and upload status is now available under the cloud menu.
    • The web interface is now more consistent with Lightroom CC on mobile and desktop.
  • 7/31/2017
    Download Improvements

    • JPEGs downloaded from shares are now at the best resolution available.
    • Some of you noticed that we had some download issues this past weekend. Those issues are now resolved, and we should be in a better position to respond quickly in the future. Sorry about that!
  • 7/21/2017
    Search Improvements and Web Gallery Themes

    • We’ve made several improvements to our Search Technology Preview.
      • You can now filter by ratings and flags, as well as images or videos.
      • You should see better matches for multiple search terms.
      • The search controls have moved to the top of the screen.
    • Dragging-and-dropping photos to the plus button in the sidebar will now create a collection.
    • Web galleries now have display options where you can set the theme and appearance.
    • We’ve added links on the Dashboard to download Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.
  • 5/10/2017
    Web Gallery & Single Image View Update

    • We’ve made it easier to create a web gallery from a collection.
    • Web galleries now have a bigger and nicer looking cover image, and author and description text can be added.
    • The single-image view has been redesigned and streamlined. The info and activity sections should be easier to get to. We think it looks a lot nicer too.
    • Background color and text color can now be customized in embedded slideshows.
    • Collections in the organize side panel can now be sorted by creation date.
  • 4/5/2017
    Auto Tone Tech Preview and New Dashboard

    • A new Technology Preview is available for improved Auto Tone. Try it and give us feedback!
    • The Welcome tab has been replaced by the Dashboard in the library side panel.
  • 2/6/2017
    Welcome to 2017

    • Drag and drop organization added to the share side panel.
    • Share grid view performance improvements.
  • 12/12/2016
    More Sharing Improvements

    • Shares can now include text and section dividers.
    • Share viewing on mobile devices is much better now.
    • Added sharing controls for showing photo metadata and location.
    • Original images can now be downloaded from your library.
    • Photos can now be published to Adobe Portfolio.
  • 10/19/2016
    Suggested Crop, Search, and Photo Spheres

    • New Suggested Crop technology preview is available.
    • The search technology preview now supports searching in all supported languages.
    • Photo sphere panorama viewing is now supported on desktop browsers.
  • 9/5/2016
    Sharing Improvements and Feedback

    • Single photo shares will now load in loupe.
    • Sharing buttons have been added to All Photos and loupe.
    • You can now send us feedback using the option under the LR menu.
    • Photo titles will now appear in the Info panel in shares.
    • Keyboard shortcuts are cool! Press ’?’ to view in-context shortcuts.
    • By request, we’ve added a way to see file names in shares by using the ’i’ keyboard shortcut.
  • 6/8/2016
    Photo Reordering and ZIP Downloads

    • Photos in a collection can now be rearranged using drag-and-drop.
    • Shared photos can now be downloaded as a ZIP archive if you’ve allowed downloads.
    • Selection mode has been updated. You can now hover over a thumbnail and click on the checkmark to select items.
    • We made it easier to find the photo download link when viewing your own photo.
    • You can now easily access your Lightroom photos in Adobe Spark Page.
  • 4/28/2016
    Sharing, Slideshows, and UI Improvements

    • Slideshows have been redesigned and there are now more options to control the presentation, including a new adaptive slideshow.
    • To make it easier to manage your shares, we added a new view accessible by clicking the globe on the left side of the window.
    • Sharing no longer requires creating a collection - simply select photos and click share.
    • We changed the share grid so photos are displayed in order and more consistently with the rest of the site.
    • There are now additional tips shown in the left panel as you organize your collections and photos.
  • 3/16/2016
    Technology Previews and Updates

    • Technology Previews are experimental features we’d like you to try. You can get to the Technology Previews dialog through the Lr menu in the top left.
    • Search is our first Technology Preview, and we’ll be adding more over time. Check it out!
    • Share status of collections is now indicated in the left panel with a small globe icon.
    • File info shown for videos has been improved.
    • If you’re using Chrome, you can now drag and drop folders to upload.
  • 2/24/2016
    February Improvements

    • You can now import files by dragging them directly to collections in the left panel
    • Drag and drop from the grid to collections in the left panel works now, too
    • Collection covers can be set from ”Select” mode in the grid
    • There’s now a ”Show All” item in the left panel to view all your collections
    • A few more links were added on the Welcome page so you can more quickly get to your photos and collections
    • Minor UI improvements to Edit
  • 1/27/2016
    Lightroom CC 2015.4 Update!

    • Support for new cameras, lenses, and firmware
    • Boundary Warp - stretches / warps to eliminate transparent areas created during pano merge
    • Merge performance improvements
    • Video metadata fixes
    • Ability to move the mobile downloads folder
    • Fix for Nikon tethering on Mac OS 10.11
    • and much, much more!

    Read the blog post to learn more.